Sunday, April 17, 2011

Online Bookmarking

So I already set up a delicious account a few years ago and so I just needed to create a diigo account. Both sites have the ability to bring in current bookmarks, but before I did, I spent some time organizing and cleaning up my bookmarks.

So even though I have had an account on delicious, I never really used it. I much prefer to use the bookmarking feature in my browser. I have arranged the folders in a system that works for me, and I can access them easily. Since I use google chrome with an igoogle account, I can sync the bookmarks between computers and access them on my android phone, so that works for me. On Safari, I can sync with my mobile me account. Since I am not in a position currently that I need to share my bookmarks, I am really not using that feature.

I do find myself saving sites that I come across in educational technology blogs, so that when I do have an opportunity to use them, I have compiled many sites that could be used for educational technology purposes. Here lately, it has really grown, so I need to do a better job of organizing them. If I was using a bookmarking service, I could use different tags to help organize them. Whereas with my browser, the only real organizing is folders, and that works great for me, since all my files on my computer are organized that way, and I am used to that system.

I did notice that when I was on diigo, when I looked at the premium services, there is a free education service that you can sign up for that lets you add groups and share your bookmarks. It also has a teacher console that can be added to your tools. I signed up, but have not received my approval yet. Wikispaces also has free upgraded accounts for education and it takes a few days for verification, but did receive those free accounts.

Diigo does have more features, so if I needed to choose a site for educational purpose, I would choose to use diigo. The only thing I don't like, and maybe I just could not find how to change the sort, but it sorted by date putting newest items first. I might want to sort in a different order, and I wish it was more like my bookmark manager in my browser, I can move just by dropping and dragging.


  1. Oh.. I didn't notice the educational feature of Diigo. I will have to go back and check that out! Thanks for pointing that out Glenda.

  2. I also usually use my browser to bookmark. Once I get a fancy phone it will effect the way I organize my bookmarks. I had not thought of that as another reason to have portable bookmarks.

  3. I like the idea of educational services too. I pondered registering for that but since I don't have an actual classroom right now, decided not to.

  4. delicious a blast from the acts like an old app too!!!

  5. The group deal is great. I've used it before in another class. I can find things and push the content and my students will get it via email. While delicioius is nice for research, I find Diigo much more user friendly for a classroom environment. Oh, took me a few days I think to get the approval.