Sunday, February 6, 2011

Using Scene Modes on a Digital Camera Podcast

So instead of just reading, you get to listen to me, I bet you are jumping for joy ;).

In this podcast, which lasts about 5 minutes, I explain how using the scene modes on your camera can help you take better images. The background music is from Presenter's Toolkit that I purchased from Digital Juice. I don't believe they carry this product anymore, I purchased it several years ago, but they do offer a line of products including music and high resolution images for end users to create presentations and any graphic related product.


  1. Glenda great job! My daughter is taking photography this year in 4-H and we don't have a leader. I will use your podcast with her and we fumble through this project :) Thanks a ton!!

  2. Thank you Glenda! This was a nice change of pace. You used podomatic. Was it much easier?

  3. Michelle, I would love to come give a presentation anytime, I was going to be a 4H Leader once and did all the paperwork, but there ended up only being one student, so we didn't do it, but I am always willing.

    Trac, I didn't try podbean because I had read the posts on Facebook and went to Podomatic first, and it went seemlessly. I created an account, followed the instructions and the upload was fairly fast.

  4. I liked the use of the icon on the podcast that relates to the podcast. I like the fact that you explain what the modes are for and how they work.

  5. Glenda,

    This was very informative! I am not a very good photographer and one of the reasons is I don't understand the camera, and the second is I don't take the time to play with the other settings. Thanks for the info.